Life's Abundance Dog and Puppy Food

I have been fascinated with dogs since I was a small child. I have spent years studying about them. I am STILL studying them and I learn amazing things everyday. One thing I have learned is that nutrition is really important! I put all of my puppies on Life's Abundance Small/Medium Puppy food!

Life's Abundance Dog Food


I chose this as my number #1 because first and foremost we have to feed our dogs, right? This is a great top notch food ;-)  It comes super fresh because they make small batches and I think that is why my dogs love it so much. Plus, it has quality ingredients and no fillers like corn, wheat, wheat gluten, and artificial colors, that's always good. This food has never had a recall, whew! I watched the news about a recall that rat poison in the food had killed people's beloved dogs and I thought that, since I love to cook, I would lovingly make raw dog food along with my family meals... well that didn't last very long because there just weren't enough hours in the day! I still love to make all my dog treats but I leave the cooking of dog food to Life's Abundance now. I have tried several different dog foods and have had some good ones and bad ones, Foods I don't recommend (these are from my experiences and this is my opinion).

  • I love Rachel Ray... but her dog food gave my dog the worst smelling skin condition and I didn't realize it was the food until after paying tons of money on vet bills and special skin treatments! Plus the amount of dog poop was outrageous!
  • Kirkland Puppy food seemed like the perfect price for a high quality food except for causing an overload of dog mushy poop, cow pies I tell you! I have a serious issue when I am hauling out the same amount of the foulest smelling dog poop as food I purchased. I didn't even realize the food was the problem until I switched to Kirkland Adult food (which is a great food BTW) When our dog had her puppies the vet recommended we put her back on puppy food, so naturally I put her back on Kirkland and the pooping was INSANE again! Our poor dog even started having accidents in the house if we were gone too long because the food went right through her.
  • We tried Kirkland Natures Domain and all our puppies and mama dog got diarrhea I tried to make the transition slowly because changing a dogs diet too quickly can cause sever upset to the dogs gut and trigger coccidia in puppies. I read reviews on Natures Domain and others reported similar issues, I have had two friends tell me their dogs are fine on it, but I avoid it after what we went through.

Those listed above were the 3 worst foods from my experience. I have tried Iams, Puppy Chow, dog Chow, Kibbles and Bits, Purina One and nothing really to report except the ingredient lists are worrisome for a dog's health and since I am breeding quality dogs and health is a big concern, I decided to go with Life's Abundance. I also like Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, and Grandma Z's (locally made food here in Idaho).

I like a good deal, so with Life's Abundance I know it's made fresh so I buy a few months worth in bulk so I can save on the set $8,85 shipping. This food costs (including tax and shipping) me about $1.40 per day for my big Golden Retriever and .98 cents per day for my mini Golden.
All our puppies are fed Life's Abundance Small/Medium Puppy food, our mama's are on Life's Abundance All Life Stages. If you would like to order go to If you live close to me would like to go in on the $8.85 shipping with me I usually need to make an order so let me know, we can split shipping!

Michele Taylor