Meet Samson and Sandy with their beautiful litter of Miniature Golden Retrievers! They are from Taylormade Mini Golden's affilate Breeders Richard and Monica in Barstow, California. They are being raised in a wonderful home where Monica homeschools their 4 daughters ages 9, 7, 4, and 2-years-old. These puppies are getting a lot of wonderful socialization.

Sire Samson is a gorgeous pure Bred Golden Retriever, he is very sweet and intelligent. (Precious Story) Samson alerted the family that Sandy was having her puppies. It was very early in the morning and Sandy had gone out to go potty when labor hit. Samson ran to the back door barking urgently. When Richard and Monica came to see what was going on he led them right to the spot where she was having the puppies and needed help. They were able to get mama and all the new puppies safely inside to finish dellivering the puppies. He truly saved some of his puppies lives. It is not uncommon for 1/3 of a litter to die during birth without the aid of a good breeder.

Samson has also sired two working service dogs. One as a rescue dog and the other is being trained by the state to be a service dog for a disabled Veteran.

Dam Sandy is an elegant little Cocker Spaniel with a light cream coat. She is a small 12 lbs with a happy, sweet disposition. She is working very hard to care for her sweet puppies. She also loves spending time with her human girls. Sandy's previous litter with Samson's puppies turned out adorable, wonderful family dogs!

We estimate the size to be around 20-40 lbs (although we cannot guarantee size) 


Sandy x Samson

"California Cuties Litter"

Born May 18th 2018 | 5 males, 2 females Ready to go home July 9th, 2018