Our Dams

Taylor's Pinkerton Paulette: Pinkie

AKC English Cream Golden Retriever, 60 lbs.

She is stunning with Champion lines imported from Russia, Poland, and Scotland. She is 60 lbs with a solid build. She is an excellent mother which in turn produces sweet loving puppies. 

Health Testing:
OFA Eyes Normal
OFA Hips Good

1_Pinkerton and babies.JPG

Taylor's Piper Paulette: Piper

International Designer Golden Cocker Retriever, 45 lbs.

She is the daughter of Pinkerton (AKC Golden Retriever) and Gianni (AKC Cocker Spaniel). She is 45 lbs. She is the perfect medium size and with her outstanding pedigree she is perfect in look, temperament, and health. 

Health Testing:
OFA Eyes Normal
Hips Pending

Taylor's Twinkle Little Star: Star

An International Designer Canine Golden Cocker Retriever, 32 lbs. 24" inches tall

She is the daughter of Pinkerton (AKC English Cream Golden Retriever) and Storm (AKC Cocker Spaniel) She is medium sized 35 lbs from champion lines. She is extremely intelligent and loves everyone!

Taylor's Nala: Nala

An International Designer Canine Miniature Golden Retriever; 30 lbs. 24" inches tall

She is the daughter of Piper (IDCR Golden Cocker Retriever) and Chico (CKC Miniature Goldendoodle) She is also granddaughter to Pinkerton Paulette (AKC English Cream Golden Retriever) The International Designer Canine Registry requires Golden Retriever, Cockerspaniel, and Poodle for registering a Miniature Golden Retriever and so we were very LUCKY to find a rare 20 lbs miniature Goldendoodle to sire Nala since most Goldendoodles are the standard 50-70 lbs. A HUGE Thank you to Riverview Goldendoodles for combining with Taylormade Miniature Golden Retrievers to produce our 1st Official Miniature Golden Retriever! Although she looks mostly like a Goldendoodle, her future litters should look more like the Golden Retriever as we add back a higher percentage of Golden Retriever to our lines. 

She has a wonderful calm personality, she is extremely, eager to please, and is a croud stopper all the way! She is our favorite to take to all the activities and sporting events we attend because she is zero shedding and leaves no fur mess in the car on our black seats, and we love that!

Taylor's Nala blowdried coat

Taylor's Nala blowdried coat