Nala x Bentley

"Fancy Nancy Litter"

b. November 7th, 2017 | 4 males, 3 females

New Miniature Golden Retrievers coming soon just in time for Christmas! The mama dog will be Nala and the daddy dog will be Bentley. These puppies will be around 70% Golden Retriever, 12.5% Cocker Spaniel, and 17.5% Poodle estimating around 30 lbs. full grown.

Nala (mother) is an International Designer Canine Miniature Golden Retriever; 30 lbs. 24" inches tall. She is the daughter of our Golden Cocker Retriever Piper and Riverviews Miniature Goldendoodle Chico and granddaughter to Pinkerton. Although she looks mostly like a Goldendoodle, Nala's future litters should look more like the Golden Retriever as we add back a higher percentage of Golden Retriever to our lines. She has a wonderful calm personality, she is extremely, eager to please, and is a crowd stopper all the way! She is our favorite to take to all the activities and sporting events we attend because she is zero shedding and leaves no fur mess in the car on our black seats, and we love that!

Bentley is our newest sire at Taylormade Kennels! He is 100% Golden Retriever, however, he happens to be very very small for his breed, weighing only 36lbs full grown. He is a rare gem, and an excellent sire for our breeding program! We took him to two vets and both reassured us that he is in excellent health. We are waiting on blood tests to double check his growth hormone levels, but the vet thinkings he is mostly likely just comes from small genes.

Each puppy is given Early Neurological Stimulation from 3-16 days. We love and socialize puppies IN our home. We aim to produce super puppies that love people and are easy to train. Price includes a limited Health Guarantee to be free of Genetic defects. $250 deposit (included in the price) will hold your puppy until he/she is ready to go home in December of 2017. We do offer shipping to the airport of your choice.

Call or text us 208-448-8227


Litter Picks

Picking the litter will start when the puppies are 6-weeks-old around December __th after the Volhard Personality profile. Everyone will pick in the order their deposit was received.

  • 1st Pick  Ryan (Michele's brother)and Nikolina in Sandy, Utah; Guardian parents for future Taylormade Mini Golden Dam; small, cream female 
  • 2nd Pick John and Caitlin in Boston, MA; male puppy
  • 3rd Pick Melissa in Pittsburgh, PA; female puppy

  • 4th Pick  Joe, Rebecca, and Abby in Boston, MA; Male puppy

  • 5th Pick  Joe, Rebecca, and Abby in Boston, MA; Male puppy

  • 6th Pick Lindsay in Falls Church, Virginia; would love a little girl but we would be open to a boy. We prefer more of the retreiver look rather than the doodle look, but love the mix of a poodle due to less shedding. We would love the cream color but white would work for us too.

  • 7th Pick Jon and Kathy in Salt Lake City, Utah; would like a male puppy that closely resembles Bentley

Fancy Nancy Growth Chart

Weight (lbs)

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