Pinkerton x Sullivan

"The Jane Austen Litter"

b. October 3, 2017  |  4 Males, 4 Females

I am excited for the breeding of the Jane Austen novel, Sense and Sensibility, Litter!  The puppies were born on October 3rd (the expected due date!) and will be ready to go home on November 28, 2017. 

Pinkerton (mother) is our Gorgeous Dame AKC English Cream Golden Retriever. Sullivan (father) is a gorgeous Toy sized Miniature Golden Retriever weighing 20 lbs. Mother Pinkerton and Father Sullivan are two outstanding dogs! Their puppies should average about 25-45 lbs (I cannot guarantee size though) and be cream colored or light gold. They are over 60% Golden Retriever.

Each puppy will start with Early Neurological Stimulation from 3-16 days. We love and socialize puppies IN our home. We aim to produce super puppies that love people and are easy to train. Female puppies $2625 or $3000 including shipping. Male Puppies $2125 or $2500 including shipping. $250 deposit (included in the price) will hold your puppy until he/she is ready to go home on November 28th of 2017.

Call or text us 208-448-8227

Litter Picks

Picking the litter will start when the puppies are 6-weeks-old around November 7th after the Volhard Personality profile. Everyone will pick in the order their deposit was received. 

  • 1st Pick Casey from New York, chose Willoughby now Boomer
  • 2nd Pick  Anne and Ryan in CA: chose Colonel now Scout
  • 3rd Pick  Bhumi and Kumar in Chicago: light male puppy; chose Elinor now Harper
  • 4th Pick  Taylor & Mary in the Bay Area in CA: light male puppy (love look of Kona from Pinkerton & Sullivan) affectionate, cuddly pup and one that looks more Golden Retriever; chose Dashwood now Ziggy
  • 5th Pick  Terry in Seattle, WA: light female (love the look of Summer & Brie); chose Marianne now Teagan
  • 6th Pick  Allison and Rachel in Washington DC; female puppy; chose Fanny, now Annie
  • 7th Pick Gretchen; chose Middleton now Salvatore.
  • 8th pick Marissa and Trace in Minnesota; Cuddly female; chose Lucy.

Meet the Puppies!

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Puppy Growth Chart

Videos of the Jane Austen Litter

Here is what Pinkerton and Sullivan's first litter, the 3 Amigos, look like now!