Brie x Bentley

"Junie B. Jones Litter"

Birthday July 2nd, 2018 |  2 Males, 4 Females

New Miniature Golden Retrievers coming soon! The mama dog will be Brie and the daddy dog will be Bentley

Taylor's Brie Seine-et-Marne or "Brie" Is our own International Designer Canine Miniature Golden Retriever from Star and Sullivan. She 22" inches tall and is 30 lbs of pure sweetness. She is so easy to train and loves everyone. Brie is a very light gold with a more square build like her English Cream Grandmother Pinkerton

Taylor's Bentley Treasure or "Bentley" is one of our star Sires here at Taylormade. He is 100% AKC Golden Retriever, however, he happens to be very very small for his breed, he is 25" inches tall and weighing only 33 lbs full grown. He comes from a long line of imported Gorgeous cream colored Golden Retriever lines. He is a rare gem, and an excellent sire for our breeding program!

Each puppy is given Early Neurological Stimulation from 3-16 days. We love and socialize puppies IN our home. We aim to produce super puppies that love people and are easy to train. Price includes a limited Health Guarantee to be free of Genetic defects. $250 deposit (included in the price) will hold your puppy until he/she is ready to go home in the Summer of 2018. We do offer shipping to the airport of your choice.

Call or text us 208-448-8227


Litter Picks

Bentley and Brie had 6 puppies! Picking the litter will start when the puppies are 5-weeks-old around __ __ after the Volhard Personality profile. Everyone will pick in the order their deposit was received.

  • 1st Pick   Stud Reserve  
  • 2nd Pick Cami and family, Logan, Utah; mellow pup around 30 lbs
  • 3rd Pick Lauren in Littleton, Colorado; Female puppy
  • 4th Pick Bill in Houston TX; male
  • 5th Pick Jessica in Scottsdale, AZ
  • 6th Pick Mary in Kennewick, WA

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