Our Sires

Taylor's Bentley

Golden Retriever

30 lbs. full grown

20 inches tall

Meet our newest sire at Taylormade Kennels! His name is Bentley and he is 100% AKC English Cream Golden Retriever, however, he happens to be very very small for his breed. He comes from Russian, Hungarian, and Polish lines. He is a rare gem, and an excellent sire for our breeding program! We took him to two vets and both reassured us that he is in excellent health! 

This is from pethelpful.com:

Are Cream or White-Colored Golden Retrievers Healthier Than Darker Goldens?

The color of the coat has nothing to do with a dog's healthBut ancestry could possibly have an effect on health.

  • There is at least a little evidence that, on average, English bloodlines are healthier.
  • A 1998 study found that 61.8 percent of American goldens died from cancers, such as hemangiosarcoma, lymphosarcoma, mast-cell tumors, and osteosarcoma, whereas a 2004 British Kennel Club study found that only 38.8 percent of goldens from English bloodlines were affected by cancer.
  • Studies also found that goldens from English bloodlines had an average lifespan of 12 years and 3 months whereas American goldens lived for an average of 10 years and 8 months.
  • This data does not necessarily mean that an English retriever is immune from cancer and will die only at a ripe old age.
  • There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of English retrievers dying from cancer and living shorter lives than expected.
  • The health of your dog will depend on good breeding lines not on whether it is English or American, cream-colored or toffee-colored.
  • The secret to health and longevity is ultimately a combination of nature and nurture—good genes plus optimal care by responsible owners.

Taylor's Sullivan Treasure

Miniature Golden Retriever
17 inches tall 22 lbs.

Meet our own "Sully", IDCR multi-generation Miniature Golden Retriever. He is the perfect combination of Golden Retriever and Spaniel! He is a Gold Roan color which means he is gold and cream colored which is perfect for our English Cream lines. He is a toy size 21 lbs. He has beautiful Golden and Cocker Spaniel lines. He has nice calm energy and is sweet yet playful and athletic.

Health Testing:
Eye (CAER) OFA Normal
Patellar Luxation (knees) tested OFA pending
Hips tested OFA pending
Elbows tested OFA pending
Cardiac (heart) tested OFA pending

Taylor's Sir Reginald's Treasure

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
12 inches tall 15 lbs.

We are very excited to announce the addition of our very own Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "Reggie" to our Miniature Golden Retriever program!

Reggie is from an outstanding breeder Jordan Harrison rated #1 show breeder 3 years in a row! Reggie comes from wonderful, health tested lines.

We are anxious to produce gorgeous toy-sized Miniature Golden Retrievers by adding the smallest Spaniel, the Cavalier, to our hybrid mix. This breed is also called a Golden Cavalier by definition of the International Designer Canine Registry. Reggie has been a fabulous addition to our family! He is small (15 lbs. 12 inches), low shedding, happy, and an intelligent boy.

Health Testing:
OFA CAER (eyes) Normal
Patellar Luxation (knees) tested OFA pending
Hips tested OFA pending
Elbows tested OFA pending
Cardiac (heart) tested OFA pending

Riverviews Chico Amoroso

CKC and IDCR Miniature Multigeneration Goldendoodles
16 inches tall 20 lbs.
*Non-shedding Hypoallergetic*

We are excited to team up with Alisha Garlick from Riverview Doodles and her sire Chico to create our official IDCR Miniature Golden Retrievers. Riverview Doodles specializes in fine Goldendoodle lines and are located in the Beautiful mountains of Utah.

Health Testing:
Patellar Luxation (knees) tested OFA normal
Hips tested OFA GOOD
Elbows tested OFA normal
Cardiac (heart) tested OFA normal