Our Miniature Golden Retriever
Kennel Krew


Welcome to Taylormade Miniature Golden Retriever Kennels! We are located in the beautiful Wasatch Front of Utah, we moved here from Idaho April 2016 due to my husband's job transfer. We are adjusting to life in a new area and learning about all the great vets and dog opportunities here in Utah, what an adventure.

We are excitedly working to breed quality, healthy Miniature Golden Retrievers. Golden Retrievers, in my opinion, are the most wonderful dogs. They are gorgeous, loving, friendly, and intelligent. Almost perfect with a few exceptions; shedding, large size that isn't always suitable for many households, and a few health problems. Here at Taylormade kennels we are working to breed a smaller dog with less shedding and health issues. We only choose quality stock from health tested lines for our breeding program and prefer champion bloodlines to keep the highest standard in looks and temperament.

We socialize our puppies with Early Neurological Simulation from 3 days old to 16 days old to produce "super puppies" We also use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude test at 5 weeks old to match the right puppy to our family buyers.


I get a lot of help here at Taylormade from these cute boys and they are old enough to manage everything that goes on here juggling school, sports, church, scouting, and of course dogs! I appreciate these smart capable guys that make up our Taylormade Kennel Krew.


These are my precious girls and they are key in our puppy socialization program. I have taught all our children how to stimulate the puppies and these little hands have that loving touch that never tire of holding puppies! I appreciate these sweet, tender gals that make up our Taylormade Kennel Krew.


A shout out to my wonderful husband because he has helped me in my dream of bringing beautiful, well-bred miniature Golden Retriever dogs into our family and yours. He has worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to support our family and my dream of Taylormade Kennels.

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And about me... I am a dog person, you will find me out running daily with our dogs, brushing them, planning out the dog meal schedule with our kids, training and working with them in the yard (just ask my neighbors), reading all I can about dogs, taking pictures of dogs, and loving these dogs.

Also, you will most definitely find me in the whelping box during delivery time and up all night with the newborns making sure everyone is growing and thriving.

Another fun fact about me is that I served as Mrs. Southern Idaho 2007 on the platform of the Importance of Mother Child Bonding. What a neat experience that was for me to truly share my passion for love of family. Miniature Golden Retrievers are wonderful family dogs and especially good for children. Breeding excellent family dogs is my prime objective.

Welcome to our little Miniature Golden Retriever facility! I love meeting new people that is one of the best things about these puppies, they bring the most wonderful people into my life!
Call 208-447-8227 or email miniretrievers@gmail.com anytime!