Our Sires

Taylor's Bentley

Golden Retriever

36 lbs. full grown

25 inches tall

Meet Bentley and he is 100% AKC English Cream Golden Retriever, however, he happens to be very very small for his breed. He comes from Russian, Hungarian, and Polish lines. He is a rare gem, and an excellent sire for our breeding program! We had him evaluated by 3 of our veterinarians at different clinics and he is in excellent health, just a perfect mini size.

Health Testing: OFA heart normal; Penn Hip; OFA normal Elbows; Embark Gentics clear of 170 Gentic Defects; He is a carrier of Ichthyosis not affected, we test our females to make sure he is not bred to a carrier.

Taylor's Sullivan Treasure

Miniature Golden Retriever
14” inches tall 21 lbs.

Meet our own "Sully", IDCR multi-generation Miniature Golden Retriever. He is the perfect combination of Golden Retriever and Spaniel! He is a Gold Roan color which means he is gold and cream colored which is perfect for our English Cream lines. He is a toy size 21 lbs. He has beautiful Golden and Cocker Spaniel lines. He has nice calm energy and is sweet yet playful and athletic.

Health Testing:
Eye (CAER) OFA Normal; Embark Gentics clear of 170 genetic defect through Embarks. He is a carrier of exercise induced collapse but is not affected and we test our females to make sure he is not bred to another carrier.


Barstow Range Rover “Ranger”

Golden Cocker Retriever

14’ inches tall 25 lbs.

Meet our darling little “Ranger”, IDCR Golden Cocker Retriever. He is 1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Cocker Spaniel. He is a gorgeous gold color with deep gold-brown eyes. He is definitely a heart stealer with all of his charm, tiny size, and those eyes!

He is from Sandy and Sampson and he has siblings from Sampson that are working service dogs. Ranger is very warm, intelligent, and friendly.

Health Testing

Penn Hip low risk of hip dysplasia

Tested clear of 171 gentic defects through Embark Genetics.



IDCR Miniature Golden Retriever

30 lbs 17” tall

Apollo is a darling cream colored Miniature Golden Retriever. He is a mix of Golden Retriever x Cocker Spaniel x Poodle. He has a sweet, calm, loving disposition. Apollo is from our Nala and Bentley’s Barbie Dreamhouse litter. He is adorable, he has furnishings meaning a whiskery face and a non-shedding coat. He is now owned by our affiliate breeder Monica and Richard.