Having Lucy this Christmas made it especially merry. She is the sweetest and smartest puppy in the world. She is already potty trained and knows how to shake my hand. Trace got us puppy classes for Christmas so we are starting those soon with one of her puppy friends named Teddy. She got to play with all of her puppy cousins and aunts which was very exciting, but also tiring! Hope you and your family are doing well 😊
— Marissa, owner of Lucy

(Lucy from Pinkerton x Sullivan's Jane Austen Litter)

Finley is just about 6 months and she weighs 25 lbs. She is athletic (very fast) and gets along with everyone. She loves to swim and play fetch. Below is her obedience graduation picture...she passed with flying colors- lol.
— Colleen, owner of Finley

(originally Aisy from Star x Sullivan's Cheese Litter)

Kona 6 mths.jpg

Kona is 6 Months and 46 lbs! He is a mix of Pinkerton and Sullivan, his parents.

Photo courtesy of Kate and Corey

Hi Michele! Hope you and the fam and all the pups are doing fantastic still! ☺ We can’t believe Kona’s already 6 months this week! 🐶 We weighed him just now and he’s 46 lbs. He steals all of the attention at dog parks and around our neighborhood! Everyone just loves his colors and fur—he’s the best thing that’s happened to us! ❤️ hope you guys enjoy the summer! Xoxo
— Kate & Corey, owners of Kona

(originally Ned from Pinkerton x Sullivan's 3 Amigos Litter)

Just letting you know Izzie is still doing great!!  She has been very easy to train!! Very smart pup. So far she can sit, stay, wait, down, up, drop it, leave it, spin, shake, go to bed. We are practicing with distractions...as she loves to get attention from everyone!!! 

She has been spayed...and recovered well, despite wanting to just play all the time. She is now 30 lbs!!  Here is a picture of her getting ready for the Buckeye game!!! 
— Kim, owner of Izzie, 2/15/2017

(originally Fly Girl from Piper x Reggie's Lipsense Litter)

Hey Michele, I couldn’t keep this one to myself!
— Andrea, owner of Banana, 9/21/2015

(originally Scootaloo from Pinkerton x Gianni's My Little Pony Litter)


Banana and her baby.

Photo courtesy of Andrea

Ozzy with his family in Ogdan, Utah

Photo courtesy of Shannon.

He is such a sweetheart. He literally looks like a tiny golden retriever. It blows my mind. He is the sweetest most loving dog I have ever known.
— Shannon, owner of Ozzy

(originally Ace from Pinkerton x Gianni's American Hero GI Joe Pups Litter)

Hi Michele! Things are great! The vet was just here yesterday and he’s growing well, 20 lbs. He gets attention wherever we go!
— Karen, owner of Logan

(originally Lucky from Pinkerton x Gianni's My Little Pony Litter)

Logan with a stick and his own soda.

Summer at the beach!

Photo courtesy of Lauren

Hey Michele Glad you liked the photos :) She is such a happy girl, we love her already. She has the sweetest personality. Great job!
— Lauren, owner of Summer

(originally Rarity from Pinkerton x Gianni's My Little Pony Litter)

He seriously won’t stop swimming, so we thought this was the safe option. He swam all day today! ☺️
— Kayla, owner of Vinnie

(originally Peter Piper from Pinkerton x Storm's Nursery Rhymes Litter)

I am so lucky to have him.
— Kayla, owner of Vinnie
Vinnie in his life jacket.png

Vinnie in his Life Jacket, so adorable!!!

Photo Courtesy of Kayla, thank you!

Milo at 3 Months.png

Milo at 3 months old on 9/16/2015

Hey Michele things are going very well. Yeah, we named him Milo. He knows a couple of basic tricks and is basically house potty trained now... He follows me everywhere, very cute :-)
— Jordan, owner of Milo

(originally Spike from Pinkerton x Gianni's My Little Pony Litter)

We are super happy with him!
— Diane, owner of Kona

(originally Duke from Pinkerton x Gianni's American Hero GI Joe Litter)

Kona relaxing with a good book

Chevy tending to the pool

Photo courtesy of George

We love Chevy!
— George, owner of Chevy

(originally Wee Willie Winkie from Pinkerton x Storm Nursery Rhymes Litter)