Growth Chart

Pinkie is 8 weeks old as of yesterday. I did a weight check yesterday and has it on kg she was 5.3kg. Today I weighed her in pounds she is 12 lbs 3oz.

Eden and Pinkie checking out the new diapers from Costco.

Our first week with our new puppy has been wonderful! I love the smell of a new puppy and she is so soft and darling. Between all our cute kids and dog, we have one adorable household.

Pinkie seems very intelligent and easy to potty train. We are crate training and she already feels quite at home in her crate. She is chewing everything in sight including us. I filled a spray bottle with water and added a little vinegar to use as Pinkie's correction tool and it is working. She already knows she is not to chew Eden or the entire family will mobilize, everyone takes Eden's safety very seriously around here.