Our Puppies Arrived on November 10th 2014

What an amazing experience to to have the blessing of watching the miracle of birth. 8 adorable puppies, 7 males and 1 female. Pinkie was incredible and such a sweet, attentive mama.

Me in the whelping bow with half the puppies delivered

Pinkie's puppies came as an early birthday present for our daughter Anna whose birthday was the next day November 11th, she was so excited. We allowed our children to stay home from school and watch the birth. They were really helpful and fascinated by the experience. The delivery also thankfully occurred on my husband Jeff's usual day off, so he was there to help and he took most of these pictures. I am so appreciative of him supporting me in this dream and helping me make all of this possible. I couldn't run our little family kennel so well without him.

I have to give a shout out to my friend Taunra, who helped immensely during the delivery. After the first two pups were born 4 minutes apart, I told our son Noah to "Call Taunra, and let her know I need HELP!" She came right away and was such moral support, she got two pups who were having difficulty breathing in stable condition.

Eight beautiful Mini Golden Retrievers

All our puppies survived delivery, whew! Mama and babies are all healthy and well.