What is a mini golden?

I have had several people ask me "what is a Miniature Golden Retriever and what are the benefits???"

In answer to the the first question, a miniature Golden Retriever is a mix between a golden retriever and a cocker spaniel. The registered name is Golden Cocker Retriever.

Our American GI Joe puppies' mother, Pinkerton, is an AKC Golden Retriever, she is an English Cream making her almost a white color which I absolutely love! She comes from Champion show lines on her mother and her father's side. Champion means the dog was examined carefully in look and temperament and outperformed other dogs in it's breed. Champion lines are good to have in your dog especially if you want a good temperament. The puppies' father, Gianni, is an AKC Cocker Spaniel also nice champion bloodlines.

The benefits of Mini Goldens:

  • Generally less health problems. Hip dysplasia, eye problems, and ear infections can be dramatically reduced in this combination of breeding.
  • The puppies tend to take on more of the Golden Retriever look but not always.
  • Smaller size, my goal is a smaller size around 25-50 lbs and about 12-15 inches tall. Golden Retrievers are generally 65-95 lbs, Cocker Spaniels are 15-30 lbs. My golden is 70 lbs and the Cocker is 25 lbs, both dogs are on the smaller side of their breed.
  • Less shedding, because daddy dog is non shedding this helps to reduce the shedding in our mini goldens.

Our mother dog, Taylor's Pinkerton Paulette or "Pinkie" for short, is a 70 lb golden retriever and the father St James Gianni Versace or "Gianni" for short is a smaller 25 lb cocker spaniel. Gianni has a soft non-shedding coat, perfect for what we were looking for in our puppies. Our mini Golden Piper is 38lbs and she is a great small/medium dog.

Below are pictures of mama Pinkie and father Gianni. Both fabulous dogs!


Pinkerton comes from fine Champion lines on both parents and is a beautiful healthy AKC Golden Retriever

Pinkerton's Father is from SolidRockGoldens.com
Pinkerton's Mother is from Utahenglishgoldens.com

Father - Shanz Gianni Versace

Shanz Gianni Versace our Cocker Spaniel Sire has 90% champion bloodlines including nice Brazilian champion lines.
Gianni's Pedigree