4 weeks old!

Our puppies turned 4 weeks old, are they the cutest puff balls? They got to try puppy food for the first time and they seemed eager to try it. We feed Nature's Domain because it seems to be a good quality food from the research I have done and I love how Costco sells it in bulk at a great price. The puppies also got to go outside for the first time today!

They have been busy, we took the puppies on their first outing last week to our daughter Anna's 2nd grade class. Anna did a power point presentation on the birth of the puppies and gave the kids some fun facts about what it is like to raise 8 pups. On Thursday (12-11) they are all going to our son Eli's 5th grade class because he wanted to bring them for show-and-tell as well.

Here they are outside for the first time trying out some puppy food:

The puppy food was a hit!

After about a half hour outside this morning the babies were getting kind of cold, so back home to the whelping box in our master bathroom.