Cleaning our puppy area

Keeping our dogs and puppies clean is top priority here! I am really trying to keep cleaning as natural as possible, so here are my top picks:


We are using Norwex products and detergent for our puppies and our family. We are not using chemicals just water and Baclock Enviro cloths, I am using the pure Norwex Power Plus detergent for laundry and I also mix it with water in a spray bottle for stains or extra bad messes, I am also in love with the Norwex wool dryer balls that lessen my drying time and are also a natural fabric softener (no more toxic dryer sheets). I use vinegar for a fabric softener and deodorizer; and baking soda for whitening, both are things that are safe to eat, yay!

Being a mom of 6 children and owning dogs means cleanliness is very important to me. In the past I used good Ol' bleach for cleaning, but found it to be harsh and strong smelling, Bleach is a good way to clean a parvo infected areas, but thankfully we have not had parvo here at Taylormade so to prevent any infection, everyone removes their shoes because parvo is often in the ground.

Pinkerton will have her workouts in our yard or on the treadmill until all her puppies are vaccinated. Then she can resumes her daily neighborhood runs with me.

Michele Taylor