4 Weeks Old

Our puppies are 4 weeks old now and doing really well!This is a really fun time because their personalities are starting to develop.

Socialization is top priority!

We have also started crate training and they are doing so amazing! All of them let us know when they need to come out, we run them to the yard, and they go potty outside! I woke up this morning I found that no one had any accidents inside the crate. I was very proud of the puppies. There is a natural instinct in dogs to avoid going potty in their space, that is why crate training is so effective. We take all the puppies out regularly so they can start potty training as soon as possible

We are working daily with the puppies testing them in submissive relaxation techniques. This practice teaches the puppies to use a relaxed energy and submit to us as alphas. Dogs being trained as  service dogs will not be permitted into a program unless they can relax when put on their backs in a submissive position. This is because they are more open to training when they submit.

Was that a walk down adorable lane or what ;-)

We enjoy puppy games here at Taylormade, here is Noah with a lazer entertaining Pinkerton our mama dog

Michele Taylor