7 Weeks old!

Wow time has flown by and our sweet litter is now 7 weeks old! I absolutely love what quality dogs we have produced, this is a very rewarding experience to see the fruits of our hard work and careful research. I have been hearing from all of our puppy families they are anxiously awaiting the homecoming of their gorgeous new puppies!

Spike Reserved for Jordan!!!

Our two boy puppies hugging, so CUTE!
SOLD Spike (on the right) and SOLD Logan (on the left):

Tid bit of Info:

The Puppies are doing great, we have taught them the command "back" to teach them that they are not to burst through gates and doors. This is a very important, life saving command to teach. Too many accidents can happen when an unruly dog bursts out a gate or door. People or children can be knocked over or an escaped dog my get hit by a car. We work to never allow our dogs to cross a threshold without being invited. "Ok" is our command for you may cross. Our puppies are learning this as well!

Rarity SOLD!


Logan SOLD!


Pixi SOLD!


Banana SOLD!

Logan and Banana playing with mama Pinkerton

Michele Taylor