Pinkerton's Health Test Results!

I am over the top excited because our genetic health test results for Pinkerton arrived today!!! Decemeber 11th she had her OFC hip dysplasia test conducted which is a series of xrays to see if she has a chance of developing hip dysplasia, which is a dibilitating genetic ailment that is prominate in Golden Retriever breeds. I know any responsible breeder should test their parent dogs and Pinkerton's parents had good tests, so I felt confident her's would be as well. Our vet recommended I pay extra to have her sedated which would give us the most accurate results. 

After the tests were done though, the "what if's" started to creep in and I couldn't help but pray that everything would test well. She passed with flying colors! Our vet said she is a healthy, top notch Golden Retriever (music to my ears!) I love my healthy Golden Retriever Gal, she a perfect AKC Golden Retriever for our breeding program. We are still waiting on her eye tests, but I plan on those coming back "good" also. 

Side note: It is important not to run your Golden Retriever on a leash for long distances, avoid allowing them to jump in and out of cars or high beds before 2years of age. This will help prevent hip dysplasia. 

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Michele Taylor