Videos of Puppies 4 weeks old!

I am excited to post videos of the puppies today. They are over the top adorable and are so much fun to play with, we love love love them!!!

I really meant to post pictures last week of our 3 week old puppies, but I got very sick last week. Thankfully my dear husband and the Taylormade Crew was in full force taking care of our dogs and puppies. I like things done a certain way and everyone (especially Jacob our oldest) really impressed me with how clean and orderly things were done.

Someone forgot to tell me how DIFFICULT moving to a new area IS!!! Monday I had my first doctor appointment here in Utah to check out our sweet baby, I had the correct address... but not the correct town :-/ and most of the street addresses in Utah are numbers (like 500 South and 800 East) I drove around looking for the clinic then got out and walked, all the while on the phone with the clinic trying to figure out where I was??? Honest mistake for a newbie right? But I missed my appointment and they could not get me in until next Monday. I cried and cried, it is so hard being in an unfamiliar area. I just want Dr. Lowder back, He has been there for my last 5 babies and 3 miscarriages, he has been my OB for the last 17 years in Idaho. (I almost drove back to him on Monday I was so upset). I found another Dr. here who got me in the next day on Tuesday and my mom drove me to that appointment because she felt so bad about what happened to me on Monday. I have been struggling with pain and contractions, but everything checked out with my baby perfectly (thank Heaven!) I have an ultrasound next Tuesday so we should find out the sex of the baby, exciting!!! My dear friend Terri (Chiropractor and Goldendoodle breeder from Idaho) stayed up talking with me until 11:30 pm last night helping me to find good natural ways to manage my dogs, baby, and family, she is awesome and yet another reason I miss Idaho so much! I rested all day today and am feeling much better. It's therapeutic to rant on my dog blog, thanks for being here! Thanks also to God for watching over me and sending me such support from family and friends.

On the puppy front, we will be starting the Volhard Aptitude Testing on our puppies this Saturday, so we can have an idea on the personalities. I can tell already this group of puppies will be testing well. One of our families will be training their puppy to be a service dog and we can get the best fit for that family. I have been gathering data from each family who has reserved a puppy, that will aid us with the best fit so our families can get the most out of their puppy.

Here are the puppies as we played on the trampoline! In birth order:

Wee Willie Winkie: cream colored male; 4 lbs. 6 oz.

Jack: Buff colored male; 4 lbs. 15 oz.

Jill: Buff colored female; 4 lbs. 14 oz

Twinkle Little Star: buff colored female; 4 lbs. 11 oz.

Simply Simon: Cream colored male; 4 lbs. 11oz.

Peter Piper: cream colored male; 4 lbs. 11 oz.

What a good mama! A good mother dog is an incredible asset to produce nice, well adjusted puppies.

Here is our social hour, we do this supervised several times a day to make sure our puppies learn that other dogs are nice. It's very important to introduce new puppies to other friendly animals an establish a secure feeling about other animals.

Thanks for checking out my blog! All of these puppies are sold, but if you would like to be on a future waiting list please let me know. We are a small family breeder and produce 1-2 litters per year. Having a puppy from our kennel is a rare treat!