Sandlot litter 1 week old

Happy 1 week birthday to our sweet puppies!

1_Piper Chico Litter_1 week old.png

I just finished our neurological stimulation exercises and they all did well, this is important early stimulation and this does not happen in nature. Years of studies have shown that doing these exercises produce healthier, smarter, calmer, less fearful dogs. We do this with every litter starting from day 3 to day 16 of life and the results are amazing! Our Piper, who is the result of early neurological stimulation, is fabulous and we can see that she is top notch compared to other dogs. Click here To learn more about the early neurological Stimulation.

In addition we make sure the puppies are loved and cuddled, this is also very important. Puppies learn to be comfortable around people at a very young age. Neglecting to teach them to be comfortable around humans early can cause less confident dogs down the road.

I weigh the puppies regularly to make sure everyone is gaining weight properly. I will spend lots of time making sure our puppies are getting enough milk. I am a lactation Counselor by trade and mama milk is critical for the best development... I want them to have lots of it!

Scale Time!

Ham is doing very well! He is our biggest puppy in the litter. Ham is a buff colored a male and seems to have more of a straight coat.


Benny is thriving as well! I just love his white blaze on his forehead, he is a buff color and he also seems to be more of a curly coat.


Yeah-Yeah is Buff colored male and seems to be more of a straight coat.

5_Yeah Yeah.png

Smalls is a little guy, but still growing nicely. He is buff colored and seems to be a straight coat.


Timmy is a cream colored male and he looks like he maybe curly coated. He is growing very well.


Squints is a little cream colored guy. He looks like he may be a curly coat. I love how he is almost white like his grandma Pinkerton.


Tommy is a cream colored male with a blaze on his forehead. He seems like he maybe curly as well. I will be able to tell better as they get older.


Wendy Peffercorn is a cream colored female and I can't tell if she is curly or straight. We are planning to keep her for our Official Miniature Golden Retriever lines. We have been working and planning for 3 years to produce this litter. We are so excited to finally have lines with Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, and Poodle! I started breeding the Golden Retriever x Cocker Spaniel mix back in 1989 and that is when I fell in love with these dogs. Muffin Lacey "Muffy" was my first mix. Then 3 years ago when I found out the International Canine Designer Registry required that I have all 3 breeds in my lines to officially register as a miniature Golden Retriever, I called other miniature golden breeders who carried those lines to see if I could purchase a female. They were not willing to sell them to a breeder. So, I started my own lines and with lots of research and patience HERE SHE IS!!!  I am so glad the other breeders made me work for this because I was able to select my own champion, health tested lines, and colors that I noticed the other breeders did not have.

10_Wendy Peffercorn.png

I hope you enjoy!

1st Pick Michele
2nd pick Eliza
3rd pick Annie
4th Pick Kim
5th Pick Ashley
6th pick Ariel Rose
7th pick Bernard
8th pick Afton

If you are interested in a puppy please let me know! 208-447-8227