How to keep Golden feet neat!

I have had some great questions about grooming our Miniature Golden Retrievers. I am HUGE on grooming the dogs, not only because it is enjoyable and bonding, but because it keeps our dogs healthy, and our home clean.

I have had people tell me they cannot even tell we have dogs, that is a HUGE compliment! In my next few blogs I will address how to keep our Mini Golden's looking their best! Today I thought I would cover keeping the feet neat. I am sure I am like many of you who like to cut down on dirt coming into the house! Here is a quick video you may be interested in. In the video is our sweet Piper. We started grooming her as a new puppy, as we do with all of our puppies, and she is well behaved and relaxed during grooming sessions. Your puppy will be introduced to nail trimming and grooming right from the start!

Our puppies are already 4-weeks-old TODAY! They are learning to play, and they ALL succeeded in getting out of the whelping box to follow Mama Piper! They will be introduced to solid food this week now that their teeth have come it. We will start them on Life's Abundance Small/Medium Breed Puppy Food, which is high quality food that we love! Our Volhard testing will begin next week at 5-weeks-old!