Funny Stuff!

We get a lot of good laughs around here at Taylormade! One funny and not-so-funny thing happened that was pretty memorable.

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The Story:

Along with Life's Abundance holistic dog food, I love using healthy whole foods to add to our dog's diets. One day I decided it would be brilliant to grind up the bones from some chicken I had used to make homemade bone broth. I used my beloved Vitamix blender to grind the bones and then put the bone puree into ice trays and added Diatomateous Earth for a daily treat for our dogs.

2_ice trays.png

I love Diatomateous Earth for our dogs and for our family, There are a lot of health benefits including giving the body needed micro-nutrients, removing heavy metals from the body, and preventing and treating parasites to name a few!


The day before I made these Delicious Diatomateous treats for our dogs, my 18-year-old son came home from wrestling practice with an upset stomach. He threw up outside over our back patio, poor guy! It was pretty gross and because of the freezing temperatures here in Utah the barf froze! I couldn't clean it up and was frustrated.

Here are where things get funny! My 3 younger children come into me and asked:

"Mom what is that yucky looking ice...!?"
Me, thinking they are talking about my son's mess, responded: "oh yea your bother got sick and threw up and it froze!"
Them, thinking about what is in the ice tray, looked horrified!
I said: "I know it's disgusting, right? He should have used the toilet!"
My daughter exclaimed: "I almost put his barf in my drink!"
Me, thinking she is trying to put barf ice off the back porch in her drink, responded: "why would you even think of doing that?" 
She, thinking I froze barf in ice trays, says "why would YOU do that?!!!"
I responded "I didn't do that your brother did it!"
They all shout " why would you let him do such an awful thing?"
Me: "I could not stop him he had to throw up so ran he did it!"
Them: "you couldn't stop him from throwing up in all our ice trays and freezing it?!!!"
Me: "wait what?"
I am a pretty crazy mom sometimes, but I wouldn't let any of my children to do that ha ha!

These do look kind of gross but in my defense our dogs LOVE them.

Here are our Happy Healthy puppies:

Michele Taylor