Is Flying A Puppy Safe?

Is Flying a puppy safe? Does flying traumatize the puppy?

These are wonderful questions from concerned puppy owners! In our experience flying a puppy is completely safe, cost effective, and quick especially for those who live far away from our Utah location. Also, we have found the puppies are not traumatized at all. Here are just a few of our many, happy, healthy dogs that have flown to their homes, including our own dogs. We have also been on the receiving end of puppy travel (Bentley, Reggie, & Sullivan) and what a blessed experience it was for us!

Here is a walk through how the flying processes works to help ease your mind.

1. First of all we use a Cargo airline, not a passenger airline for our puppies to travel. This is much more relaxing and efficient than the passenger airlines that are riddled with delays and drama. I actually go to a hassle free, separate cargo location to drop your puppy off. You may be picking your puppy up at a Separate Cargo location as well. Check with your airport to find out the location for picking up pets when they travel. 

2. We really like to use United during winter and Summer months because they offer the PetSafe services that include a PetSafe van that brings the puppy to and from the plane so that the puppy is in a climate control area at all times. We do use American and Delta, but they have weather restrictions and if the temperature is too cold or too hot the flight may be cancelled. I do like to use American and Delta services when we can get a non-stop flight to the destination or the airport they service is closer to the location we are sending the puppy. It's nice to get the least traveling time as possible for puppies and their families. I have spoken with all these airlines and the do have someone attending to the animals and they are fed and given fresh water on schedule. Pet safety and comfort is top priority. 

3. We can book the puppy flight as early as 2 weeks in advance and need at least 48 hours notice to book a flight.

 4. We use Runway Pets  for our booking services. We LOVE Runway Pets, they have taken care of us so many times. They are extremely knowledgeable, they have access to many flights to help me custom fit the right flight for our puppies. They also negotiate lower rates which helps us to keep the travel expenses down.

5. Our prices for travel start at $375 for a puppy under 15 lbs. this includes the Health Certificate from our veterinarian; the travel crate, bowls, food, insurance, and our gas and travel time. 

6. Drop off is usually around 6 am to noon Mountain time and departure around 9 am to 3 pm so you can expect your puppy to arrive in the early afternoon or evening. We can fly puppies Monday through Saturday.

Puppy Nanny Service

We also have a great option for families who would like to have someone travel with their puppy on the plane. We use Pet Packers for our travel service and they have been wonderful. They negotiate low deals with the airlines to keep the price of flying more affordable. Prices start at $650. 

For more information feel free to contact me or call/text 208.447.8227