Chef in the Dog Food Kitchen

Wholesome food is always a big deal for me, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what we are all going to eat, people and dogs alike.

Since this is a dog blog I won't go into what we (people) around here eat, but I will share how I feed our dogs!

Of course Life's Abundance is our primary food and our dogs do amazing on it. I also like to incorporate whole foods in their natural state. I use information from The Whole Dog Journal

I know I need to be very careful about making food myself for our dogs, I am so glad I can safely rely on Holistic Food from Life's Abundance to provide a balanced meal. I have done quite a bit of research on how to feed your dog and feel confident Life's Abundance is a great base for feeding our dogs.

With that said I do supplement with whole foods.

Here is what I include in my daily feeding of our Goldens. I feed the minimum daily allotment, based on weight of the dog, from Life's Abundance and then I supplement with venison, salmon, pumpkin, yogurt, chia seed, ground eggs shells, Life's Abundance supplement, coconut oil, and pour a healthy bone and organ broth over the food. This might sound like a lot, but since I have breeding dogs I want them to be at peak performance. I don't know that all this is nessasary for the average pet home. I just want to make sure our puppies have the strongest head start I can give them and that is why I go the extra mile with our dogs. You can be confident your puppy has healthy roots!

My son shot a deer, during hunting season here in Idaho, in October and I used the bone and organ meet to make a healthy broth complete with veggies from our garden that we were cleaning out for the fall/winter season. I then dried the organ meat to make delicious treats for our dogs. I also dried the veggies and made a healthy powder I can sprinkle on the food for added nutrition. Gotta love free food right...


I feed our dogs at meal time in their "bedrooms" so that I can make sure everyone is getting what they need.


Then everyone goes outside for a bathroom break!


This is just one of the ways I am working to produce gorgeous, top quality Miniature Golden Retrievers!

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