The Perks of Owning a Miniature Golden Retriever


While we here at Taylormade Kennels LOVE Golden Retrievers with the Golden Retriever Smile they always carry, their gorgeous build, their friendly disposition, their extreme trainability, their hunting skills, and athletic nature, it's no wonder they are #3 as most popular dog breed according to the American Kennel Club.

We have found that Miniature Golden Retrievers offer the same wonderful benefits of a standard Golden Retriever without some of the down falls.

  1. Great Attitude: Miniature Golden Retrievers, like Standard Golden Retrievers, have wonderful personalities, they are loyal, honest, and true. They are less prone to personality and behavior problems due to inbreeding that can occur (with irresponsible breeding) in the purebred Golden Retriever. Miniature Golden Retrievers have a diluted gene pool because they are a mixed designer breed are secure, confident dogs that are easy to train. Also, they love everyone!
  2. Smaller Size: Because of the Cocker Spaniel (and sometimes poodle) in the miniature Golden Retriever dog, they are smaller (25-45 lbs) so it is easier to take them on car rides! Because of their smaller size, it is also easier to have them dog sat or boarded when you can't bring them on your travels. Some people refer to these dogs as "comfort retrievers" I think that is a perfect term because they keep a soft puppy-like coat which makes them fun to cuddle and have on your lap. Miniature Golden Retrievers can fit into the lives of people who may not have the space for 70-100 lb Standard Golden Retriever.
  3. Low Shedding: Miniature Golden Retrievers shed less or not at all. We own both a Golden Retriever and miniature Golden Retrievers and the comparison on shedding is unbelievable! Our Golden Retriever will "blow" her coat when the weather changes and the amount of shedding is considerable. Our miniature Golden Retrievers have very little to no shedding when the weather changes.
  4. Consume less food: Miniature Golden Retrievers are smaller (25-45lbs) so they eat less! We buy premium Life's Abundance dog food to keep our dogs at the peak of health and it's nice that our miniature Golden Retrievers eat half what our Golden Retriever eats.
  5. Smaller poop size: Miniature Golden Retrievers have much smaller poops than the Standard Golden Retriever, MUCH smaller. I could take pictures if I receive any comments asking ;-)
  6. Less Health Problems: Miniature Golden Retrievers have less health problems and hip dysplasia due to smaller size and mixing of the gene pool with hybrid dogs. To read more about it, follow a link to dogs and cancer. Link Here