Is Pet Insurance Worth Having?

Pet Insurance might be a good idea for families who would like to budget the health care cost for their pet. It can help absorb some unexpected medical bills. I have been looking into quotes for our dogs and am still considering what we should do, but to be honest I am really sick of insurance. Each month my husband and I pay a lot to insure everyone, we have life insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, fire insurance, auto insurance which intells a teenage driver, and I am really tired of hearing about Obamacare insurance (I hate even typing it on my blog!) With all of this insurance I already have, I now need to buy pet insurance?!

I like to follow Dave Ramsey so I looked up what he says about it and he said it's a waste of money, but he also says to just feed bulk dog food and I disagree with that. I had a Cocker Spaniel that developed a terrible, stinky skin problem, I was paying a small fortune at the vet to cure her ailment and turns out it was just the Rachel Ray dog food I had her on. Buying a quality dog food like Life's Abundance was less expensive than the vet bills and skin medication.

Dave also suggested buying heart worm and other medications online and I recommend that as well. I love you can order pet medications for a discount and I use this option when I can. I also pay a lot for our animals to see a vet for routine check-ups and health testing for our parent animals.

I try to put money away each month for our pet rainy days.

The pros I see to having pet insurance; 

You can expect what health care will cost for your pet. For about 16.95 per month (that was my quote) and $100 deductible will cover $2500 Hartville has partnered with Life's Abundance this is where my quote is from.

We have a lot invested in our pets, covering their health care could help absorb some of those costs.

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