Waiting for our PUPPIES!

Today is our Pinkerton's due date!


We are all set up and ready for Pinkerton to have her puppies. Here are 3 anxious little girls. Our master bathroom is dubbing as a doggy delivery room.

I have been busy getting all the supplies clean and ready

This is our warming box it is equip with a heating pad and several clean towels. I have small ribbon collars so we can distinguish between all our little golden babies.

The warming box serves many purposes but it's mainly a spot where we can care for the pups and keep them warm and comfortable. This is an around the clock job and I want to make sure our pups are as clean and healthy as possible. We go through tons of towels and puppy pads whelping a litter. My fabulous Norwex Consultant Connie  helped me find the perfect products to keep my puppies clean and healthy without exposing them to harmful cleaning products.


I highly recommend this company, instead of using harsh bleach and other harmful products that hurt our babies lungs and new bodies, I will be using water and my Baclock envirocloths to disinfect our puppy area.

I am also prepared with needed medical supplies. It is not uncommon to lose 1/3 of a litter of puppies especially if there is a large litter, survival of the the fittest, right? Well wrong, usually things that cause puppy mortality rates to increase can be avoided with a little preparation and know how. I plan to beat the odds and am praying everything goes smoothly.

My wonderful husband built the whelping box with our first litter and I grew to totally adore this wonderful box. It's designed to keep our puppies safe from being sat on, and though Pinkerton is a good mother it was always hard for her to find a place to sit, this was a perfect solution with the ledge around the inside of the box.

I have been charting her temperature and this morning she was a 100.01 this afternoon 100.05 and tonight 99.0. This means with the drop in her temperature she is getting close to delivery I found this link that gives great info on Charting temperature.

Pinkerton is starting to pace...  I have a feeling I won't be getting a lot of sleep around here. I will update when we have puppies!


Piper will be a BIG sister soon:

These precious girls can't wait

Please wish us luck, a prayer would be wonderful and if you are interested in a puppy feel free to leave a comment, call or text at 208-447-8227, or email micheleadaline@gmail.com

Michele Taylor