We Have puppies Due June 10th, 2015!!!

Here they come and we at Taylor-made Kennels are super excited! Our highly anticipated Mini Golden Retriever puppies will be here soon...

$250.00 Deposit will hold your puppy and we will allow picking your puppy in the order that we receive your deposit. You can call or text me at 208-447-8227 email micheleadaline@gmail.com

I just cannot say enough good things about our Piper from Gianni and Pinkerton! She is everything I hoped for. Her personality is outstanding, she is extremely intelligent, she is easy to train, loving, obedient, and again loves everyone she meets. She and her mama always attract a crowd because they are stunning dogs, and so soft, and friendly.

Story: I was at the dog park one day and a lady just fell in love with Piper she even offered to trade me her Husky puppy in exchange for Piper! These new pups are no exception, I am sure.

Piper 5/29/2015

SO... back at Easter 2015 we noticed our Pinkerton was in heat and decided that she should have another beautiful litter of mini Goldens.

(Here I am decorating Easter eggs with my children)

We arranged for Gianni to be the Sire of this litter since we were very happy with his pups from our previous litter. It is a very difficult process to breed a 70lb Golden Retriever with a 25lb Cocker Spaniel, if you can imagine. We really had our doubts that this even worked to produce a litter, but we have been hopeful because, through some miracle, we were able to accomplish this task once already. After lots of waiting and checking... It looks like we have puppies on the way, whew, all of our hard work is half way over.

Our wonderful, gentle, loving Dame Pinkerton Paulette blooming in her pregnancy. Can you see the Baby Bump?

Pinkerton loves the water and with things warming up for summer we got her a pool to wade it, she loves it!

June will be a wonderful month I hope you enjoy! Feel free to come to me with any questions.

Michele Taylor