Introducing our puppies to other friendly Pets

We have been bringing Big Sister Piper (she is a full sister to these puppies from the previous Gianni and Pinkerton litter) Piper can give you an idea of what our puppies are going to be similar to.

Piper is our wonderful 1st generation miniature Golden Retriever and I cannot say enough good about her. She has been very easy to train, sensitive to correction, gentle, and loving. She is very respectful but can let loose and have some fun as well.

She is the perfect introduction these pups have to another pet. They will learn from her, and other friendly pets we introduce, so that the puppies can be confident around other animals.

They are getting more adorable each day!

We sure enjoy puppies around here!

I truly believe these dogs bring a wonderful dynamic to our family. and I am excited for the joy they will bring to their new families.

Michele Taylor