My mission for breeding quality dogs

I raised a service dog named Brie, when I was 17-years-old for Kansas Specialty Dog Service. It was an amazing experience and it really gave me a deeper understanding of what a quality dog is like. Brie, the Service dog, was insured at $15,000.00 (it may be more for a dog now because that was 19 years ago) I can see why, so much is put into proper breeding, feeding, and raising of these pups and it's well worth the investment.

The hard thing for me was to have her, love her, and then give her up to the person she would help. That was the point where I realized that some of the hardest things in life are also the most rewarding things. I could be happy knowing she was helping someone and I helped to make that possible, what a great feeling for a teenager! I wanted my children to have that experience.

So when people ask how I can give these sweet puppies, that we have worked to carefully breed, raise, and have fallen in love with, to new families, I go back to Brie and remember my "why" in this. I want people to have good, quality, well, tempered, companions in their lives. I hope we at Taylormade can spread this joy to other people over the years!

Michele Taylor