More Health Testing!

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Pinkerton (pictured above) and Piper had more health tests done today to get ready for their spring litters! Their eyes and overall health was great according to our vet and she said their sweet personalities are so wonderful she wants a puppy! I take that as a huge compliment.

Pinkerton is late in her heat cycle so the vet took a culture to find out what is going on and the cells looked like they were growing larger which would indicate a heat cycle coming on, YAY! (a heat cycle is when hormones in a female dog change to for the release of eggs inside the female dog, and this is the only time they can breed and produce puppies. This usually occurs every 6-12 months)

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Piper (pictured above) was tested and her cells still look small which means anestrus or no heat cycle. That's okay because that is what I figured at this point in her cycle. Hopefully next month!

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Michele Taylor