Meet Storm, the newest Sire at Taylormade

As we moved into breeding season for Pinkerton (I was over-the-top excited), I realized quickly Sully was not ready for breeding yet so I called Shannon (AKC Cocker Spaniel Breeder) and let her know plan B was needed (her champion sired male). Shannon and I made arrangements for Storm to come over to our house since she is a Cocker Spaniel breeder she is not set up to accomedate a larger dog like Pinkerton.

We instantly fell in love with Storm, he is so small and his wiggly little nub of a tail is adorable. He is very gentle, cuddly, and happy. When I arrived home with him I let him check everything out without the other dogs around and then I put him in a wire crate and introduced him to each of our dogs one-by-one. They all seemed friendly and interested in one another, so after about a half hour of letting them sniff each other through the wire crates we took them all for a walk, walking together is how dogs bond. This seemed to work and all the dogs are great friends with Storm now.

Breeding started Thursday January 28th, so the puppies should be due March 31st, I am so excited and exhausted, it's been a long week!

Meet the darling little Storm, it will be very sad when he goes home on Monday. This litter is going to be AMAZING!

I loved grooming Storm, not a hair went into my brush! Shannon shaved his coat short, but he is a long haired dog.

Both of Storm's parents are finished AKC Champions. I will have links to his pedigree soon.

It was amazing during bathtime that his spots came out, when Storm is dry he looks almost white.


One thing I have always loved about the Cocker Spaniels I have had contact with, is that they are patient for grooming! I used to groom dogs professionally and Cockers were always the most patient clients, Storm was not exception. 


This litter should be cream colored maybe some light spots like Storm and I am estimating 25-35lbs of course that is just an estimation because the roll of the genetic dice could be different. I will be charting all the puppies from day one. I can't wait.

Along with the exciting puppy news our family got some very exciting news as well! I am expecting baby #7 September 2016, we are overjoyed! The pregnancy has gotten off to a little bit of a rocky start with me having a sub-chorionic bleed:

I am now on bed rest, I have to take it easy but my Dr. said I am still able to make dinner! My family is taking over my morning dog runs and all the chores. I am so glad I have the kennel krew to back me up when I am down. Most likely this will resolve and I will be back to normal but my Dr. said I have a 10% chance of the placenta tearing away and I would lose the baby. I am praying that won't happen. I will rest and thankfully I have this fun website to work on during bed rest.

Michele TaylorStorm, Sire