Is having multiple dogs a good idea?


My answer is a definite "YES"!

When I was growing up, we had times when we were a 1 dog family and other times when we were a multiple dog family, it was always more fun with more dogs in my opinion. Now that I am a mom and have my own children, having multiple dogs can be more challenging as I try to manage everything, but one thing I have learned about these social creatures is that they thrive with companionship, animal and human alike! Taylormade started out a one dog family when we brought our Pinkerton (Golden Retriever) home. When we added Piper, Pinkerton's daughter, to our family it was the most wonderful thing for everyone! Not only did we love the two dogs, but watching them interact was fascinating! We now have dogs that come for petsitting, grooming, and stud services and I have really enjoyed watching how dogs learn to accept one another and all the joy they bring. I am selective about what dogs come here because I want all dogs and children to be safe, and so far it has been a positive experience.

It has been a very busy time for our family lately with me being on bed rest and getting ready to sell our home and move out-of-state. I have been extremely relieved to watch the dogs entertaining, sleeping, and enjoying each other!

If you are interested in adding another dog to your family this is a good article to read:

Michele Taylor