Piper has Hot Date!

I am overjoyed to announce that our sweet Piper has FINALLY gone into heat! We have had a cold, dark winter and mother nature prefers puppies to be born in light, warm conditions ( I prefer it myself as well, it is so much fun training and playing with puppies in the sunshine verses the snow, in my opinion). I have been carefully monitoring her sunlight and when the sun doesn't shine... we do have special lights in her crate that help her get the needed light to keep her healthy. I also carefully monitor her nutrition (Lifes' Abundance All Life Stage dog foodLife's Abundance Wellness Supplement, and Life's Abundance Fish Oil), her vet checks have been stellar which by all standards should produce a healthy litter of gorgeous Miniature Golden Retrievers! She will be going down to Utah on March 31st to Riverview Doodles to be bred to Chico the Miniature Goldendoodle!


Here is Piper waiting for her HOT date with Chico!

Michele Taylor