Pinkertons's Maternity Photo shoot and Puppies!

So, one of my friends sent me a link to the cutest doggie maternity shoot! She said "I feel this is something you could do" and although my photography skills are definitely Rookie, I thought it would be totally fun give Pinkie her own glowing maternity photo shoot!

Pinkerton was actually in the early stages of labor during this photo shoot. Dogs deliver their puppies 63 days from ovulation ( Source: "Whelping and Reproduction" by Mayra Savant-Harrison) Pinkerton was on day 64 and her temperature had dropped from her usual 100.5 F to 98.9 F which indicates delivery within 12-24 hours! I was so excited an knew we needed to hurry and squeeze these pictures in before the pups arrived. Isn't she a fabulous gal in labor? I hope my delivery coming up in September goes as smoothly as Pinkerton's did!

These photos were taken at 4 pm on April 1st and almost 13 hours later, at 4:50 am she delivered her first puppy! I was up with her practically all night and she was a sweet heart. She loved ice chips, ice cream (calcium helps the uterus contract I only gave her a little ;-), and pedialyte!

Here she is at 7:30 am after delivering all her puppies:

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 4.21.26 PM.png

Everything went really well, our last little pup needed a little bit emergency care, but was doing fine in a matter of minutes! I am amazed at this miracle that I was able to help and witness, God is so good! It is funny how much I LOVE these little creatures like they are my own. I know they will bring so much joy to their families.

We always have a theme with every litter of puppies, I got this idea from the Service dog I raised, Brie, her litter theme was cheese, so all the puppies were named after cheeses!

Meet our Spring Nursery Rhyme litter

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 4.21.31 PM.png

2 buff colored females, 1 buff colored male, and 3 cream colored males