Doggy Birthday Bash!

As we approach the birth of Twinkle Little Star's new litter of puppies, due Sunday, April 16th, we also had the pleasure of Celebrating Star's birthday!

Star along with all of her brothers Kenai, Vinnie, Tango, and Harley, and her sister Kinsley enjoyed their Birthday Celebrations from all over the country on Sunday, April 2nd!

Chevy isn't pictured, he is living with his wonderful family in Florida and when George sends us pictures I will update! Shout out to George!

Star Celebrated her birthday with a Life's Abundance meat cake (I can't help it... I have to mention this food, it is made with venison and it so healthy for our pregnant mama Star) 

The venison was a super Big Hit (not my idea of a yummy cake, but she gobbled it in 3 bites haha!) My sweet little Star I am so glad you came into our lives, I am a little nervous, but I can't wait for you to have your puppies! ((hugs&prayers))

Here is a belly shot just 5 days before her due date!

At her Vet appointment her ultrasound showed 5-6 puppies, Oh happy day!
I need to give a shout out to Pinkerton and Storm for giving us our AMAZING dogs, Thank you my furry friends!