Where Did Our Puppies Go?

Lots has been going on here with the dogs! Piper and Reggie's puppy Bravo became Wrangler and we had the opportunity to drive up to our hometown of Boise, Idaho to deliver Wrangler to his new family. Wrangler will be living in Seattle, Washington with Steve and Melinda and their two awesome boys and sweet daughter. Boise was a great half way point between Washington and Utah we enjoyed getting to meet such a nice family and seeing some of our old friends since we moved from Boise to Utah last year. Here is Wrangler during our stay in Boise! We sure miss this guy but know he is with an outstanding family.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.20.02 PM.png

Lexie became Fly Girl and she flew to her home last week to her family Richard and Karen in New York! I found out Richard Talmadge is a major Commercial developer in New York and California. I wanted to see what his company was about and found that there were lots of articles about him from many different sources including  New York Times! He is such a nice, kind person. He said we are welcome come to and visit Fly Girl anytime, that would be so FUN! I hope he doesn't mind when all 9 of us head out to New York for a visit. Richard called me Thursday and told me Fly Girl is doing wonderful and they are really enjoying her. Here is Karen taking a little nap with her new Fur Baby <3

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.20.16 PM.png

Topaz became Luca and he flew home with his adorable couple Kevin and Whitney in Florida. Kevin actually surprised Whitney with her puppy. Whitney had really wanted Topaz and then he got adopted by Casey who lives in New York, but Casey decided the timing would be better to wait until fall so she decided to get a puppy from Pinkerton and Sullivan. Well, meanwhile Kevin called and reserved Topaz for Whitney, he wanted to surprise her when the came to Utah for a visit. It wassoooo romantic!!! Here are pictures they sent me to share, Thank you Whitney and Kevin, Luca has such a happy home!

Ruby became Lexie and she went to her wonderful family with Jennifer, her husband and 4 boys. Jennifer's son who is in College said that he would be taking Lexie back to the dorms with him, I thought that would be a good idea if he wanted to attract more cute girls. Lexie for sure is a babe magnet! Here is Lexie as she flew to her new Home in North Carolina, I cry every time I send them out into the world and I am deeply thankful to our wonderful puppy families who love and care for these sweet babies.

Fly Girl became Izzy and she went home to Kim in Rogers, Arkansas. Kim sent me this darling collage the day after Izzy flew home. My heart totally melted. I need to get Kim to come take pictures of the puppies here, because she sure can capture the adorableness! One of the hardest things I find as a breeder is capturing how cute the puppies really are, that takes some talent which I lack sometimes!

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.21.58 PM.png

Bella is staying with our family! My 15-year-old son has purchased her and he will be raising, training, and loving her. When she is old enough he will help her raise adorable Miniature Golden Retrievers to help pay for his mission for our church and college. It was sooooo hard to choose which puppy we were going to keep they are all so wonderful!

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Samon is our last available puppy from Reggie and Piper! He is such a sweetheart and we sure enjoy him here. He has a nice energy that is pretty laid back and obedient, and yet a fun and playful side as well. Bella and Samon will need to start formal training at 12 weeks-old which is next week!!! How the time has flown. We don't want any of our dogs to get into bad habits before they go to their forever homes so training is very important. Once our puppies start training the price will go up, but it will be totally worth having a trained puppy in your family!

Here is Samon! He is our last puppy AVAILABLE NOW!

Each litter touches our life to the fullest, we have met so many amazing people that we consider part of our Taylormade family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has gotten a puppy from us.