Puppies are coming!

I am excited to announce that we have 3 openings on our puppy waiting list for Nala and Sullivan's litter!!! Our sweet little Nala will be having her first litter somewhere around the beginning of Novemeber, 2017 and her puppies will be ready to go home around late December or early January!!! Christmas babies!!! 

Nala is from our Piper and Riverview's Chico. She is 30 lbs. and 24' inches tall; she is cream colored and completely non-shedding, so she has a curly coat. Sullivan, our daddy dog, is 20 lbs. and 20' inches tall; and he is a multi-generation cross between a Golden Retriever and a Cocker Spaniel or a toy Golden Retriever (extremely rare).

We estimate the puppies to be around 25 lbs. although I cannot guarantee size since it is the roll of the genetic dice, so to speak!

These puppies will be registered with the International Designer Canine Registry. We offer Early Neurological Stimulation to help your puppy become a SUPER puppy!!! All service dog facilities require this for their dogs and we feel it is extremely important for longer lifespan, easy train-ability, and better life coping skills.

$2125 for male puppies and $2625 for female puppies. We do offer shipping by airplane if you live outside to Utah area for an extra $375. We also welcome our puppy families to pick their puppy up in person.

If you want a excellent dog to add to your family! Contact me ASAP 208-447-8227 call or text, miniretrievers@gmail.com 

We have only 3 spots currently on our waiting list!


Here is Nala with my little 4-year-old, and she is just getting home from La Petite dog grooming! She has a curly coat so we do have her hair cut every few months but we also like to grow it long and she looks adorable and fluffy like a marshmallow.

La Petite grooming

Here is Nala at La Petite Dog grooming as she is getting ready for her new hairstyle!

Fluffy Nala

Here is Nala with her fluffy blowdried coat!

Fluffy Nala
Nala love!

 Nala is a good friend! Nala, Thank you for loving my children, most wonderful dog!!!


Daddy Sullivan or "Sully" for short, is a wonderful dog and incredibly rare being only 20 lbs with the look of a Golden Retriever. He is athletic, yet comfortable curling up under your feet. He loves people and is extremely obedient and easy to train.


Here is Sullivan looking lovingly at my 13-year-old son. Sully, thank you for loving my children *almost* as much as I do, best dog ever!

Star, Nala, and Sullivan

Here is Star on the left, Nala in the middle, and Sullivan on the right. Nala is kind of a blur here but you can get an idea of their nice size!