Working to combine the beauty and charm of the Golden Retriever with smaller size, better health, and less shedding



What is a mini golden?

A miniature Golden Retriever is a mix between a golden retriever and a cocker spaniel. The registered name is Golden Cocker Retriever.

The benefits of  mini Goldens:

  • Generally less health problems. Hip dysplasia, eye problems, and ear infections can be dramatically reduced in this combination of breeding.
  • The puppies tend to take on more of the Golden Retriever look but not always.
  • Smaller size, my goal is a smaller size around 25-50 lbs and about 12-15 inches tall. Golden Retrievers are generally 65-95 lbs, Cocker Spaniels are 15-30 lbs. My golden is 60 lbs and the Cocker is 25 lbs, both dogs are on the smaller side of their breed.
  • Less shedding, because the spaniels used in our lines had very minimal shedding and the poodle was non-shedding, this helps to reduce the shedding in our mini goldens.

Kennel Krew

Welcome to Taylormade Miniature Golden Retriever Kennels! We are located in the beautiful Wasatch Front of Utah. We are excitedly working to breed quality, healthy Miniature Golden Retrievers.


Taylormade Kennel Dogs

We love our dogs at Taylormade! They are the most amazing momma and daddy dogs to our adorable new puppy litters!


Puppies Young and Old

“Happiness is a warm puppy."

— Charles M. Schulz (cartoonist, Peanuts)

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Proper Nutrition

I have chosen Life's Abundance nutrition system for our dogs. Life's Abundance provides the variety in food and supplements that I want for our dogs. I am very happy with the ingredients in Life's Abundance canned and dry food plus they provide healthy treats, fish oil, shampoos and natural cleaning products that I use for keeping our home clean. 


We are not accepting applications at this time stay tuned for 2019 litters!

Best wishes!